Previous National Conventions
1st Cleveland , OH June, 1922  
2nd Cleveland , OH September, 1923  
3rd Cleveland , OH December, 1924  
4th Cleveland , OH January, 1926  
5th Cleveland , OH December, 1926  
6th Cleveland , OH December, 1927 Hotel Allerton
7th Philadelphia, PA December, 1928 Hotel Adelphia
8th Pittsburgh, PA December, 1929 William Penn Hotel
9th Cleveland , OH December, 1930 Hotel Hollenden
10th Philadelphia PA December, 1931 Hotel Benjamin Franklin
11th Toronto, ONT December, 1932 Royal York Hotel
12th Cleveland, OH December, 1933 Hotel Hollenden
13th Boston, MA December, 1934 Hotel Statler
14th Philadelphia PA December, 1935 Sylvania Hotel
15th Pittsburgh, PA December, 1936 William Penn Hotel
16th Detroit, MI December, 1937 Book Cadillac Hotel
17th Cleveland, OH December, 1938 Wade Park Manor
18th Philadelphia PA December, 1939 Hotel Benjamin Franklin
19th Boston, MA December, 1940 Hotel Statler
20th Milwaukee, WI December 1941 Hotel Schroeder
  War Years No Conventions 1942 - 1944
22nd Cleveland, OH December 1945 Hotel Cleveland
23rd Detroit, MI December, 1946 Hotel Statler
Conclave Albany, NY August, 1947  
25th Philadelphia PA December, 1947 Hotel Benjamin Franklin
26th Chicago, IL December, 1948 Congress Hotel
27th New York, NY December, 1949 The Plaza
28th Milwaukee, WI December, 1950 Hotel Astor
29th Albany, NY August, 1951 Tom Sawyer Hotel
30th Washington, DC December, 1952 Statler Hotel
31st Chicago, IL December, 1953 Blackstone Hotel
32nd Philadelphia, PA December, 1954 Warwick Hotel
33rd Detroit, MI December, 1955  
34th Cleveland, OH December, 1956  
35th New York, NY December, 1957 Savoy Plaza
Conclave Bedford Springs July, 1958 Bedford Springs Hotel
37th Philadelphia, PA December, 1958 Warwick Hotel
38th Chicago , IL December, 1959 Sheraton Blackstone Hotel
39th Pittsburgh, PA December, 1960  
40th Detroit, MI December, 1961  
41th Miami Beach , FL December, 1962 Roney Plaza Hotel
42nd Philadelphia, PA December, 1963 Warwick Hotel
43rd Cleveland, OH December, 1964  
44th Chicago, IL December, 1965  
45th Detroit , MI December, 1966  
46th Milwaukee , WI December, 1967  
47th Miami , FL December, 1968  
48th Philadelphia, PA December, 1969  
49th Cleveland, OH December, 1970 Pick Carter Hotel
50th Chicago, IL December, 1971 Hotels Ambassador
51st Miami , FL December, 1972  
52nd Toronto , ONT  December, 1973  
53rd Freeport , GB Island December, 1974 Bahama Princess Tower
54th Philadelphia, PA December, 1975 Barclay Hotel
55th Cleveland , OH December, 1976 Holiday Inn
56th Miami Beach , FL December, 1977 Konover Hotel
57th Chicago, IL December, 1978 Sheraton Plaza
58th Detroit , MI December, 1979  
59th Catskill Mountains July, 1980 Stevensville CC
60th Lake Geneva , WI August, 1981 Playboy Resort
61st Boston , MA  October, 1982 Sheraton Towers
62nd Washington , DC October, 1983 Sheraton Washington
63rd West Palm Bch, FL December, 1984  PGA Sheraton
64th Toronto , ONT October, 1985  
65th Boston , MA October, 1986 Sheraton Towers
66th Tucson , AZ December, 1987 Weston LaPaloma
67th Philadelphia , PA October, 1988  
68th Naples , FL December, 1989 Registry Resort
69th Naples , FL December, 1990 Registry Resort
70th Naples , FL December, 1991 Registry Resort
71st Montego Bay , JA December, 1992 Wyndham Rose Hall Resort
72nd San Diego , CA December, 1993 Hyatt Islandia
73rd Hutchinson Is, FL December, 1994 Indian River Plantation
74th Hutchinson Is, FL December, 1995 Indian River Plantation
75th St. Pete Beach, FL December, 1996 Don Cesar Beach Resort 
76th Nashville , TN November, 1997 Holiday Inn
Conclave Tucson , AZ December, 1997 Westin La Paloma
78th Fort Lauderdale , FL December, 1998 Westin, Ft. Lauderdale
79th Toronto , ONT October, 1999 Royal York Hotel
80th Fort Lauderdale , FL December, 2000 Wyndham Resort & Spa
81st Miami Beach , FL December, 2001 Wyndham Miami Beach Resort
82nd Fort Lauderdale , FL December, 2002 Fort Lauderdale Marina Marriott
83rd Singer Island, FL  December, 2003 Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront Res.
84th Grand Bahamas Isl. December, 2004 Sheraton Our Lucaya Beach Resort
85th Fort Lauderdale , FL December, 2005 Sheraton Yankee Trader Resort
86th Sarasota , FL December, 2006 Hyatt Sarasota Resort
87th Singer Island, FL December, 2007 Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront Res.
88th Singer Island, FL December, 2008 Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront Res.
89th Singer Island, FL December, 2009 Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront Res.
90th Naples , FL December, 2010   Naples Grande Beach Resort
91st Naples , FL December, 2011 Naples Grande Beach Resort
92nd Naples , FL December, 2012 Naples Grande Beach Resort
93rd Naples , FL December, 2013 Naples Waldorf Astoria Resort
94th Naples , FL January, 2015 Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club
95th Naples , FL February, 2016  Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club
96th Sarasota, FL February 2017 Hyatt Regency Sarasota