Dear TER Members,


UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT ASSOCIATE JUSTICE STEPHEN BREYER has now definitely scheduled his appearance at TER's 96th Annual National Convention to receive our Benjamin Nathan Cardozo Memorial Award and to address our members as well as the legal and Jewish communities in and surrounding Sarasota, FL.

THE CONVENTION is scheduled to run from February 9th to 12th, 2017, with Justice Breyer joining us at our Cardozo Award Closing Dinner on Saturday, February 11th.  I have heard him speak on several occasions and you will find him to be a brilliant, dynamic and exciting speaker who is really fun to listen to. It is truly an honor to us that he is coming to our convention.

Last year's convention featured Abe Foxman, who had recently retired from many years of leadership of the Anti-Defamation League. His talk was moving and inspiring, tracing his survival from the Holocaust and highlights of his decades of leading the ADL and dealing with national and international figures. Once again we have planned a really great convention, and those of you who joined us in Naples for the last two conventions (Justice Scalia the year before) will attest to how enjoyable and memorable they were. It is nice that so many nonmembers come to swell our ranks but I just can't understand why all of our loyal members don't make the effort to join us for fun and entertainment and education in the Florida sunshine.

Being in Sarasota next February with TER SHOULD BE ON YOUR calendar and your BUCKET LIST!  Please make your travel plans now, and David Liner will shortly notify you of our bargain rates and beautiful accommodations while Alan Tepper is arranging for the perfect weather and scintillating CLE program. Additional details will be posted on the TER website ( and through email postings.

ROZ AND I WISH YOU AND YOURS a Happy New Year, both religious and secular. See you in Sarasota if not sooner.





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