The concept of TAU EPSILON RHO, dates back to the fall of 1918, when Harry G. Fuerst and Jerome W. Moss, students at Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland OH, first discussed the organization of a law fraternity that would advance the lofty ideals and welfare of the legal profession and overcome the racial and religious restrictions then existing in law fraternities and the legal profession itself.  At the same time, Jay Eugene Farber, a law student at Ohio State University Law School, also entertained this challenge. 

In early 1919, seven students at Western Reserve University School of Law organized the Lambda Eta Chi Law Fraternity.  The name derived from the Latin “Lex” (Law).  The three letters signified Loyalty, Equity and Courage.  In October 1920, several students at Ohio State University Law School joined together to create Phi Epsilon Rho, another law fraternity.  In 1921, after many discussions, personal visits and meetings, the two groups merged into a single law fraternity, whose membership consisted only of Jewish men.  The new organization was named Tau Epsilon Rho Law Fraternity, whose Greek letters signify Truth, Ethics and Righteousness.  Lambda Eta Chi became the Alpha Chapter, and Phi Epsilon Rho the Beta Chapter of the new national law fraternity.

Tau Epsilon Rho Law Fraternity filed Articles of Incorporation as a non-profit organization in the State of Ohio on March 26, 1921, and the Ohio Secretary of State granted its Charter on April 23, 1921.  Beginning with the mid-1950’s, Tau Epsilon Rho Law Fraternity welcomed into its membership every member of the legal profession, regardless of their race, religion, or gender.  In 1985, the organization formally changed its name to Tau Epsilon Rho Law Society to more accurately represent its diverse membership and to promote group solidarity.

In recent years, TAU EPSILON RHO has made a conscious decision to reemphasize our Jewish roots, and to promote our particular moral and ethical standards as they relate to the legal profession and our personal lives.  While TAU EPSILON RHO remains strongly committed to the principles of inclusion and equality, which were our founding ideals, we believe that these religious imperatives also enforce the proper, highest moral aspirations of attorneys and judges throughout the nation.

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